Sada Elliott Place; a street dedicated to Sarah Barnwell "Sada" Elliott


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Sada Elliott Place; a street dedicated to Sarah Barnwell "Sada" Elliott
Background and Context
A short street named for Sarah Barnwell "Sada" Elliott (1848-1928) on the campus of the University of the South. In the 1980s a committee appointed by the University administration, made recommendations of names for several Sewanee streets. At some point between 1984 and 1989, they recommended naming this street for Elliott: “We are delighted to honor a woman … Miss Elliott lived most of her life within a few yards of the street in question and, symbolically, did a great deal to connect the ‘University’ and ‘Tennessee.’”

The Elliott Dormitory, a memorial to Sada Elliott's father, Stephen Elliott, and dedicated in 1953, fronts the south side of this street. Her long-time home is located on the northeast corner of the intersection of Sada Elliott Place and Tennessee Avenue. On the north side of Sada Elliott Place is Shoup Park and its U.D.C. memorial to her brother in law, the Confederate Army officer Francis Asbury Shoup.
Physical Description
A short street connecting present-day University Avenue (formerly Tennessee Avenue) to present-day Tennessee Avenue (formerly University Avenue).
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