Monument to the Back of the College Neighborhood


Legacies Classification
Memorial Artwork
Memorial Type
Sculptural Memorial
Memorial Context
Memorialized Subject
The Back of the College neighborhood
Monument to the Back of the College Neighborhood
Background and Context
Installed in February 1998, this monument recognizes the neighborhood that was formerly located on the college's northern border. Following emancipation, the neighborhood began to develop as a home for newly-emancipated men and women. It existed into the 1960s, but entered a period of protracted decline as residents left for better opportunities. Over time, those who left sold their properties to the college. To become the summer home of the Carolina Panthers training camp, the college acquired many remaining properties. The college commissioned the monument to recognize the residents of the neighborhood.
The monument was moved from a site near the entrance to Gibbs Stadium to a more prominent location on Cummings Street in the fall of 2020.
Physical Description
Constructed of granite, with a bronze front and a dedication plaque.
Memorial Inscription
"Back of the College"
An historic African-American neighborhood once occupied this portion of the Wofford campus and the surrounding streets. The first residents are said to have been given home sites donated by the Rev. A. W. Cumming. By the early twentieth century, the neighborhood included private homes, businesses, churches, schools, and a recreation center. "Back of the College" will be remembered as the home of storied educators and leaders who took bold first steps as newly freed people.
Creator/Participating Person(s)
Date created, installed or dedicated
February 1998
Date Modified
September 2020
Location: Institution, City, State

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