Miss Ida's Legacy


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Poteat, Ida Isabella
Miss Ida's Legacy
Background and Context
From January 31 until May 23, 2010, Meredith College held an exhibition in honor of the life and college contributions of Ida Isabella Poteat. The exhibition took place in the Mae Grimmer Alumnae House and featured artwork and photographs from the tenure of Ida Poteat as head of the college art department (1899-1940). The exhibition guide describes "Miss Ida" as a "product of plantation life....[who] had the refinements of southern gentility and some of their foibles." The introduction to the exhibition guide features a photograph of "Miss Ida's" art studio on the old Meredith College campus that prominently features crossing Confederate battle and United States flags. Miss Ida not only directed the college's art department but also founded and served as the longtime advisor for the Meredith College KKK club (an art club). The exhibition catalogue remains part of the library general collection 708 P847m.
Creator/Participating Person(s)
Meredith Center in the Arts for Women; Bailey, Rebecca Lou; Greenberg, Blue
Date created, installed or dedicated
31 January 2010
Date Modified
23 May 2010
Campus Location
Mae Grimmer Alumnae House
Location: Institution, City, State
January 31-May 23, 2010

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