Marker memorializing Meredith College


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Marker memorializing Meredith College
Background and Context
Thomas Meredith was an antebellum North Carolina proslavery Baptist minister who actively defended slavery and opposed abolition but enthusiastically supported women's education. The state issued highway historical marker commemorates Meredith College which was renamed in honor of Thomas Meredith in 1909. The Meredith College historical marker, which stands at the corner of the main campus drive and Hillsborough Street, was created in 1942. The marker pays homage to the College’s namesake, Thomas Meredith. A new historical marker was unveiled during the 125th anniversary celebration week in February 2016. This new marker reflects the college’s current independent status while honoring its Baptist heritage.
Physical Description
Large metal plaque on post adjacent to Hillsborough St. entrance to Meredith College
Memorial Inscription
Meredith College
An independent women’s college chartered 1891 as Baptist Female University. Named 1909 for education advocate Thos. Meredith. Campus here since 1926.
Creator/Participating Person(s)
State of North Carolina Highway Historical Marker Program
Link to Marker H-38 (Meredith College)
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Date Modified
February 2016
Funded by
State of North Carolina
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