Potter Hall; an administrative building named after Jerome Whitfield Potter


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Named Building
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Potter, Jerome Whitfield
Potter Hall; an administrative building named after Jerome Whitfield Potter
Background and Context
Potter Hall was dedicated in 1921 and named after Jerome Whitfield Potter. The construction cost for Potter Hall was $233, 407.08. Potter came from an enslaver's family and helped to raise funds for Southern Normal School and Bowling Green Business University, both of which later became part of Western Kentucky State Normal School. J. W. Potter also served as regent for sixteen years. From 1921-1949 Potter Hall was a women's dormitory and from 1949-1957 it was the men's residence hall. It 1957 it was again used as a women's dormitory until 1991. It underwent renovation in 1923 when a concrete addition was made to hide garbage disposal. Later renovations occurred in 1950, 1955, 1957, and 1958 resulting in an additional 35 new rooms. Other improvements included new lighting, new wood facings, new flooring, new furniture for the rooms, rooms were redecorated, bathrooms were retiled, lobby was rebuilt, and new entrance. In 1962 a fire damaged a room, and the building was repaired again with further renovations also taking place the following year in 1963. In 1994 it was reconstructed for use as an administrative building at a cost of 3.5 million dollars.
Physical Description
A 3-story, brick exterior, reinforced concrete interior, and steel structure. At 47, 439 sq. ft., it was one of the largest buildings in this region during the time of its construction.
Date created, installed or dedicated
21 June 1921
Date Modified
Funded by
Kentucky State Legislature
Location: Institution, City, State

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