Seal memorializing Greenville Woman’s College


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Murphy, Clark
Seal memorializing Greenville Woman’s College
Background and Context
The seal of Greenville Woman’s College (GWC) that rests at front of the Clark Murphy Housing Complex was placed there in 1961 to remind future students of the traditions of the college before it merged with Furman University. It includes the motto “Non Sine Pulvere”, which translates from Latin to “Not Without Dust”. The motto was created by Mary Judson, who dedicated her life to the education of young women at both GWC and Furman University. It is said that the motto is meant to honor the effort women went through to gain an education equal to that of their male peers.

It is also considered a gesture to those who contributed to the institution(s) via “unseen” work, such as janitorial, medical, emotional, or construction support. Figures such as Clark Murphy, who has been documented as having fulfilled all of these tasks, often singlehanded, during his time enslaved by GWC and later as a freed man in Furman University’s employment.
Physical Description
The seal sits above the arches at the front of the Clark Murphy Housing Complex. It is a white, circular seal with gold and blue details. In blue are the words “GREENVILLE WOMANS COLLEGE 1854”, and in white the Latin inscription “NON SINE PULVERE”. On the seal are there smaller circles; in the top circle rests a gold laurel wreath, in the left circle rests an open, gold book, and in the right circle rests a gold lamp.
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