Historical marker memorializing Robert W. Ogden and Ogden College


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Ogden college
Historical marker memorializing Robert W. Ogden and Ogden College
Background and Context
This historical marker commemorates Ogden College, which was a public school in Bowling Green, KY for white male students to learn and get a college degree in the arts, science, or philosophy. It is named for Robert W. Ogden, who owned two hundred enslaved people. Upon his death in 1873, Ogden bequeathed $50,000 for its creation. Ogden College merged with Western Kentucky State Normal School in 1928. In 1965, the Ogden College of Science and Engineering was established at Western State College. In the 1960s, a court struck down a lawsuit brought by Ogden College alumni challenging Western State College’s authority to integrate, because Robert Ogden’s will stipulated that College should benefit only native-born white American citizens. The marker was erected in the 1970s.
Physical Description
A medium-sized metal plaque.
Memorial Inscription
Founded here, 1877, with funds left by Robert Ogden, local businessman. Filled educational gap, as there were no public schools here until 1882. Prep school accredited in 1919. Ogden's criteria: regular attendance, gentlemanly deportment, diligent study. consolidated with Western Kentucky University, 1927. Its name retained in the Ogden College of Science and Technology.
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Kentucky Historical Society and Kentucky Department of Highways
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Location: Institution, City, State

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