Clark Murphy Housing Complex


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Named Building
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Murphy, Clark
Clark Murphy Housing Complex
Background and Context
This housing complex was created when Furman University merged with Greenville Women's College on Furman's current campus. This building was originally intended to house solely female residents, as the dorms were equipped with music rehearsal rooms, a parlor, and more which perfectly equipped the women in college life. Later in Furman's career, the dorm transitioned into co-ed and targeted mostly sophomore students as it stands today. The new inscription celebrates Clark Murphy, a long standing janitor and all around handyman for the Greenville Women's College, who accompanied the transition to Furman's campus. He was much loved by the GWC community.
Physical Description
This is a housing complex for sophomores and freshmen that is centrally located on campus.
Memorial Inscription
The oldest buildings in the residence hall complex were completed in 1961. For decadesm this complex housed women students exclusively; the seal of the Greenville Women's College (GWC), which merged with the all-male university relocated to this campus. In the late 1900s, male students also university renamed this complex after Clark Murphy, a much-loved African American janitor, groundskeeper, and handyman of the GWC. For nearly four decades in the late 1800s and 1900s, "Uncle Murphy," as students affectionately called him, was a cherished mainstay of the GWC experience. The renaming of this complex also honors the unsung men and women who have labored throughout the long history of this institution, and in doing so, have contributed meaningfully to the life of the community.
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Taylor, Grayson
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