Jackson Arch; a memorial structure dedicated to "Stonewall" Jackson


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Memorial Structure
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Memorial Context
Jackson Arch; a memorial structure dedicated to "Stonewall" Jackson
Background and Context
Jackson Arch was, for many years, the focal point of the VMI barracks. Located at the front of VMI’s “Old Barracks” behind the Stonewall Jackson Statute, the Arch was situated between the guard room and the Commandant’s office, the Arch served as one of the main entrances to the barracks through which cadets passed multiple times daily. Emblazoned on the top of the arch is the name "Stonewall Jackson." Added in 1954, a maxim--falsely attributed to Thomas Jackson--becomes visible after walking through the Arch from the building exterior or leaving the building through the Arch.

In May 2021, the VMI Board of Visitors voted to remove the name "Stonewall Jackson." The maxim was retained.
Physical Description
Large archway serving as the exterior entrance to Old Barracks.
Memorial Inscription
Exterior: "Stonewall Jackson"
Interior: "You may be whatever you resolve to be."
Creator/Participating Person(s)
Jackson, Alexander Davis
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