Boyd, K. Wilhelmina


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Boyd, K. Wilhelmina
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Wilhelmina Boyd expanded the African American studies offerings at (then) Elon College in the 1980s and served as the first coordinator of African and African-American studies at Elon.
K. Wilhelmina Boyd began teaching in the English Department at Elon in 1987; she was the only African-American professor on the campus at the time. Boyd taught at Elon until 2005, during which she served as a member of the Minority Affairs Council, a Hand to Hand Mentor, and an advisor to the Black Cultural Society. She introduced several popular African American Literature courses and organized the African-American Read-In Day, which brought hundreds of students and faculty to read the words of African American writers and speakers. She founded Elon’s African and African-American studies program in 1994 and became the first coordinator of the minor in African and African-American studies in 1995. Throughout her time at Elon, Boyd encouraged cultural diversity throughout the campus and made many lasting impacts over the years. She died in 2009, four years after retiring.
Date of Birth
10 March 1935
Date of Death
3 October 2009

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