Vann Residence Hall; A Residence Hall dedicated to Richard Tilman Vann


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Vann, Richard Tillman
Vann, Richard Tilman
Vann Residence Hall; A Residence Hall dedicated to Richard Tilman Vann
Background and Context
A residence hall on Meredith College's campus named for college president Rev. Dr. Richard Tilman Vann. When Meredith College moved from downtown Raleigh to the new site, Dorm “C” was one of the six permanent buildings erected on the new campus. That first winter, it housed only members of the faculty and the office of the Dean of Women. In June 1928, Dorm “C” was formally named after Dr. Richard Tilman Vann, the second president of Meredith College, “at the request of the alumnae.” Vann was a Meredith College trustee from its earliest years and was responsible for hiring many of the faculty who supported North Carolina's Jim Crow racial regime and the Lost Cause. The campus curriculum took shape under his presidential leadership and politicians, artists, and academics who advocated support for these racist ideals were welcomed to campus during his tenure.

Physical Description
Vann Residence Hall is a four-story brick building housing Meredith College upperclassmen. Opened in 1926, it was one of the four original dormitories on the new college campus. It is located directly behind and to the west of Johnson Hall.
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