McCrady, Edward


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McCrady, Edward
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Edward McCrady was a trained biologist, member of the University of the South faculty, and its Vice-Chancellor and President from 1951-1971.
Born in 1906, the son of a Sewanee graduate, Edward McCrady was educated at the College of Charleston and the University of Pittsburgh, before receiving his PhD in biology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1933. He joined the Sewanee faculty in 1937 and, except for three years at Oak Ridge in the late 1940s, he spent the rest of his professional career there. McCrady was known as someone of many and varied talents and skills. He contributed important designs to All Saints' Chapel, which was completed during his term as Vice-Chancellor. He also was an accomplished musician and designed and executed the bronze bas-relief medallion of Confederate Gen. Edmund Kirby-Smith for his UDC memorial in 1940. McCrady led the university during the Civil Rights Era and resisted pressure from the national and regional Episcopal Church and students and faculty to admit African Americans first to the School of Theology in 1953 and then to the College of Arts and Sciences in 1962.
Date of Birth
19 September 1906
Date of Death
27 July 1981
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