Painted Portrait of Georgia Meredith


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Memorial Artwork
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Visual Work of Art
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Meredith, Georgia
Painted Portrait of Georgia Meredith
Background and Context
Georgia Meredith was the wife of the namesake for Meredith College, Thomas Meredith. Originally a Sears from Edenton, her stepfather owned a large plantation and Georgia was very involved in the Baptist church. Thomas and Georgia enslaved as many as eight people during the antebellum era, who could have been brought into the marriage by Georgia as a gift from her stepfather. After her husband's death, Georgia became the publisher for Thomas' newspaper, The Biblical Recorder in 1850 until she moved to Georgia sometime before August 13, 1860. The Portrait of Georgia Meredith, hangs in the Julia Hamlet Harris Rare Book Room of Meredith College's Carlyle Campbell Library next to a portrait of her Husband, Thomas Meredith. Oral tradition suggests the portraits were painted in Philadelphia between the years 1820-1830 by an unidentified artist. The painting is made from oil paints on a canvas, sitting in a large gold frame not original to the piece. In 2005 the painting was examined for restoration, and by May 6, 2009, the treatment was completed.

Meredith, Thomas
Painted Portrait of Thomas Meredith
Physical Description
The painting is () by () in a gold-colored frame not original to the painting. The medium is oil on linen canvas. The portrait is part of a pair, the other portrait being of Georgia's husband, Thomas Meredith. The portrait’s composition is typical of the time it is believed to have been created. The painting has a dark background with no discernable features and a bright, well-lit central figure in period clothing in the center turned slightly to the side.
Date created, installed or dedicated
Date Modified
6 May 2009
Funded by
Donated to Meredith College in 1966 by Claude and St. John Ralls, sons of Ada Tolson Ralls, a granddaughter of Thomas Meredith.
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One-line bio
Georgia Meredith was a North Carolina woman who was highly involved in the Baptist church, she was the wife of Thomas Meredith.
Georgia (Sears) Meredith was born between the years 1803 and 1804 in Edenton, North Carolina. Her father, Captain George Sears passed away when she was very young and soon after her mother Mary married a New Bern native, William Hancock, who was said to have treated Georgia and her sister Elizabeth as his own children. The family owned a large plantation and were said to own many enslaved people. Georgia was heavily involved in the Baptist church, which led her to meet her future husband, Thomas Meredith. The two were married on May 13, 1822, she was around the age of 18. After their marriage, the Merediths were documented to have spent time in Georgia and Pennsylvania before moving back to North Carolina in 1830. Thomas and Georgia had 11 children, 3 of whom passed fairly young. Georgia's husband passed in 1850 and afterward, she began overseeing the printing of his newspaper, The Biblical Recorder. She stayed in North Carolina until 1857 when she moved to Augusta, Georgia with her twin daughters Cordelia and Cornelia. Georgia passed away in April of 1872.
Birth Event
28 September 1804
Death Event
21 April 1872
Collaborates With
Thomas Meredith
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