Magnolia trees planted in memory of Delia Dixon-Carroll and Ida Poteat


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Memorial Place
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Flora (Trees or Gardens)
Memorialized Subject
Dixon-Carroll, Delia AND Poteat, Ida Isabella
Poteat, Ida Isabella
Dixon-Carroll, Elizabeth Delia, MD
Magnolia trees planted in memory of Delia Dixon-Carroll and Ida Poteat
Background and Context
The two magnolia trees are planted on either side of the Elizabeth Triplett Beam Fountain Plaza; a highly visible plaza located at the end of Meredith College's main drive and directly in front of Johnson Hall, the main administration building. The trees were a part of a beautification movement that was spearheaded by the Meredith College senior class of 1940 and paid for by the Meredith Alumnae Association. The planting ceremony was held in front of Johnson Hall. Janie Parker greeted all who came and the devotional was led by Elizabeth Pruitt and Gretchen Fanney. All three of these students were a part of the K.K.K. Art Club that was founded by Ida Poteat. The planting was in response to the death of Ida Poteat on February 1, 1940. The planting ceremony took place December 16, 1940, because Ida Poteat's birthday was December 15, 1859; the dedication purposefully taking place the day after the 82nd anniversary of Poteat's birth. In addition, a second tree was dedicated to Dr. Delia Dixon Carroll as well. The two women are often mentioned together in articles, as both had served the college since its opening and made lasting impressions on the college. Both women eventually had campus buildings named after them.

Ida Poteat was an art professor at Meredith College from the beginning of the Arts Department in 1899, until her death in 1940. Poteat founded an art club on the college campus that was not only named the "Krazy Kritics Klub" (often referred to as the "K.K.K. Art Club"), but that also imitated the imagery and nomenclature of the Ku Klux Klan.

Dr. Delia Dixon Carroll served as Meredith College's physician, as well as a professor, from the day the college opened in 1899, until her death on May 16, 1934. Dr. Carroll was the first female practicing physician in Raleigh, North Carolina and extremely active in the political sphere. She often encouraged North Carolina's women to register to vote and a special emphasis was placed on registering as a Democrat. Democratic party members often campaigned on White Supremacy ideals. Dr. Carroll openly supported White Supremacy in many of her speeches advocating for women's suffrage, making the claim that giving women the right to vote would "give white control in [southern states] a more permanent footing."
Physical Description
Two large magnolia trees placed on opposite sides of the Elizabeth Triplett Beam Fountain Plaza. There are no markers placed near the trees.
Creator/Participating Person(s)
The Senior Class beautification movement inspired the tree dedication. The K.K.K. Art Club led the planting ceremony.
Date created, installed or dedicated
16 December 1940
Funded by
The Meredith Alumnae Association
Location: Institution, City, State

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