Painted Portrait of Oliver Larkin Stringfield


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Memorial Artwork
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Visual Work of Art
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Painted Portrait of Oliver Larkin Stringfield
Background and Context
Oliver Larkin Stringfield was a trustee and financial agent of Meredith College. The painting, by Jacques Busbee, was created following his time as trustee and presented to the college by the Class of 1912. The dedication was attended by the faculty and students as Meredith College considers Stringfield to be a notable founder of the school. The painting, once hung for public display in Johnson Hall, is now stored in the Remote Stacks of the Carlyle Campbell Library.
Physical Description
The painting of Oliver Larkin Stringfield is large, measuring 59 ½ inches by 33 ½ inches. Inside a golden frame with a plaque stating his name, birth and death years as well as the years he served as a trustee, this portrait of Stringfield depicts him as a serious and authoritative figure. He seems to be standing in front of a dark backdrop with no landscape or other natural features visible. He is poised gracefully with his hands clasped in front of him and wears a black overcoat with a white collared shirt underneath. Stringfield is staring away from the painter into the distance and is shown slightly turned to catch more of his side profile. The light catches his face while shadowing dominates the remainder of the painting.
Memorial Inscription
Oliver Larkin Stringfield
Trustee 1892-1911
Creator/Participating Person(s)
Jacques Busbee
Meredith College Class of 1912
NCPedia Entry for Busbee, Jacques (Born James Littlejohn Busbee)
Date created, installed or dedicated
Funded by
Meredith College Class of 1912
Location: Institution, City, State

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