Painted portrait of William Porcher DuBose.


Legacies Classification
Memorial Artwork
Memorial Type
Visual Work of Art
Memorial Context
Memorialized Subject
Painted portrait of William Porcher DuBose.
Background and Context
This portrait of William Porcher DuBose, Chaplin of the University of the South, is among the historical portraits of the founders and officials hanging in Convocation Hall. The Rev. William Porcher DuBose was a slave-owner, fought in the Confederate Army, and after the war, remained unrepentant about slavery and the Confederacy.
Physical Description
Oil on Fabric Painting. With Frame: 36.25" x 31.25".
Creator/Participating Person(s)
Erganian, Sarkis (1870-1950)
Campus Location
Location: Institution, City, State

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