Plaque Memorializing Benjamin Morgan


Legacies Classification
Memorial Object
Memorial Type
Memorial Context
Memorialized Subject
Palmer, Benjamin Morgan
Plaque Memorializing Benjamin Morgan
Background and Context
The Palmer Memorial Tablet, located in an alcove on the east wall in the southeast corner of the cloister inside the main entrance to Palmer Hall, was unveiled at the building's dedication in September 1925.
Physical Description
Rectangular bronze plaque, 22.5 X 39 inches.
Memorial Inscription
To the glory of God
in grateful recognition
of the generosity of the peo-
ple of New Orleans whom
this building was erected
In memory of Benjamin Morgan Palmer
for forty five years pastor of
First Presbyterian Church of New Orleans
Born in Charleston, SC 1818
died in New Orleans 1902

The father of this institution
which was the first to place the
Bible as required test book in its
curriculum and which through all
the years continues to enshrine
his ideal of Christian education

A Patriot, a Scholar, an Educator
an Ecclesiastical Statesman
and a pulpit Orator unsurpassed.
Date created, installed or dedicated
24 September 1925
Date Modified
Funded by
People of New Orleans
Location: Institution, City, State

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